At All Stone Specialists, we recommend and seal all our natural stone products once before leaving our factory with a second application applied once the stone has been installed on site.

Most Granites and Quartzites are unaffected by acids, but Marble, Travertine, Sandstone and some Quartzite do have Calcium Carbonate in the stones. Calcium reacts with acid and causes a dull spot on the surface (known as etching), which is why we recommend such stones are finished in a honed surface if required in a kitchen.

One of the main natural stone sealers we use is ‘Dry-Treat STAINPROOF™’ which is amongst the world’s leading impregnating sealers.
The sealer penetrates the stone, repelling stains. Re-sealing is not normally required.

The sealer is permanent, invisible and fully breathable, allowing moisture to evaporate. It assists in protecting against water and oil based staining, salt efflorescence, graffiti and freeze thaw damage.

Treated natural stone surfaces become easier to clean and stay looking great for longer. Designed for indoor and outdoor use including kitchens, bathroom, laundries, pool surrounds, garages, entertainment areas and patios.

Stone sealed with Dry Treat does not require special maintenance. Spills should be wiped up immediately and cleaning done with clean water and a clean damp cloth.

‘Dry-Treat STAINPROOF™’ sealer has a 15-year warranty when applied by an accredited applicator.