1. SPECIFICATION Once you have decided on a certain stone; if it is of the natural variety the staff from one of our stone suppliers will provide you with a completed customer enquiry form; which will have the necessary information about your selection/s.
  2. QUOTATION Based on this information we will then be able to provide you with a quotation, which will include the site visit, manufacturing, installing and cost of your selected stone that is required to complete the project.On acceptance of the quotation, we require a copy of our order form to be completed along with a deposit payment as confirmation of your order.
    We then proceed to order and reserve your material, if that has not already occurred.
  3. SITE VISIT When all cabinetry requiring stone has been fully installed on site; one of our experienced stonemasons will first conduct a site visit to collect templates and/ or conduct a site measure/check if necessary.
  4. FABRICATION The slab/s of stone from the batch/block you have selected is then collected from the stone suppliers warehouse and transported to our factory for processing.At All Stone Specialists, we use precise machinery to cut the stone to the specified dimensions, along with processing all edge profile work and required cut outs so that your counter tops are ready for installation.
  5. INSTALLATION All processed and completed stone is inspected by our stonemasons prior to loading. The finished stone is carefully transported to site, where it is lifted or craned (if required) into the specified areas. Our experienced installers ensure the stone is adhered adequately to the supplied substrates/ cabinetry and that all joins are sealed correctly and pointed up to meet neatly with walls and cabinetry.

If you have any questions in regard to the above process or you would like more information about our products then please do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff.